How it works

When you offset something in Ellie, you are buying carbon credits. 

These come from initiatives where CO2 emission is being reduced, e.g. by planting trees or reducing cutting down trees and burning them. This means, that for every kilogram CO2 you buy through Ellie:

  1. You make sure one less kg of CO2 is emitted in the atmosphere
  2. You directly support the initiative behind the carbon credit
  3. You can claim whatever you have offset is climate compensated 

The norms used in the app to calculate the size of your offset are as follows:

Food *1+2
Kg. CO2 per kg/L.
Lam: 39
Beef: 27
Cheese: 13
Pork: 12
Bacon: 12,5
Shrimp: 12
Chocolate: 11
Coffee: 7,9
Egg: 4
Chicken: 4
Rice: 2,9
Wine: 3
Beer: 1,2
Milk: 1,2
Candy: 1

Travel *3+4+5+6
Kg. CO2 per km.
Plane: 0,23
Car: 0,13
Bus: 0,09
Rocket: 100

Kg. CO2 per kg/km.
Anything: 1

There are an unlimited amount ways to estimate these norms. My sources are the following.
*1 Meat Eater’s Guide to Climate change + Health
*2 (Fig. 4)
*6 I have no idea what the actual emission is from a rocket per km.