This page gives you an overview of the projects we currently resell through the app:

“Green energy”
Certified SDG Impact: 7, 8, 13
Price: 10 USD/ton

“The Sidrap Wind Energy Project is located in Indonesia. Expected net annual power supply is 253,000 MWh…”, read more.

“Plant trees”
Certified SDG Impact: 12, 13, 15
Price: 18 USD/ton

“WithOneSeed is developing a community based reforestation project on non-forest cropland and grasslands in Timor Leste…”, read more.

“Green cooking”
Certified SDG Impact: 3, 7, 8, 13
Price: 15 USD/ton

“Myanmar Stoves Campaign aims to facilitate access to fuel-efficient cookstoves to the financially poor and under-served rural communities in Myanmar, eliminating their dependency on three stone fires…”, read more.